Common SEO Mistakes you Could Ever Make as a Business Owner (and Tips)

common SEO mistakes for businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process aimed at making web content user friendly and easily accessible in search results. Webmasters often encounter common mistakes when it comes to SEO. These mistakes can be costly for any business and are better addressed if the website is to be successfully optimized. This article takes a look at some of these mistakes and the dos of SEO.

Common mistakes

  • No value proposition: your site has to be of value to those who visit it. You need to know whether your site is helpful to the visitors and how it ranks compared to your competitors. Only then can you dare to assume that your website will rank high in search engines.
  • Segmented approach: make sure that your SEO goals are aligned to your overall company objectives as well as to the goals and objective of all departments within the company for instance you may need to work with the marketing department in their campaign while you are working on optimizing your product pages. This is important in ensuring a good user experience whenever they visit the site.
  • Time consuming workarounds: ensure that you research practices and new features that can make development of the site and SEO simpler and avoid practices that are time consuming. For instance, submit the URL uses Fetch as Googlebot instead of altering the time stamp on the updated URL. This will make it be crawled faster.
  • Don’t be caught in SEO trends: sometimes people get carried away with SEO practices and tricks to optimize the websites. Don’t get caught up in this rather focus on performing tasks that will attract lasting visitors.
  • Slow iteration: this can make site improvements and testing difficult. Instead of encouraging a working environment where infrastructure and processes slow down site improvements and testing of those improvements you should exercise agility to come up with processes that will make such tasks easier.

SEO Tips

Now that you know the mistakes to look out for, here are some SEO tips that will help you with your website development, maintenance and optimization efforts.

First, you need to differentiate your site from competitiors’ sites so that you may have an advantage over them. Do something cool and unique that will add value to your site, attract and make visitors come back.

Doing something cool with your site is of little use if in the first place people can’t find you. To make your site visible, you should include words that are relevant and which will help searchers find you. Such words, include your business name, location, and products. Use terms and phrases that people might type when searching for information on the internet and think of the questions they may ask and try to answer them. Having such phrases in your pages will help make your site be found and rank higher in search results.

Another very important optimization technique is to be smart with your tags and website architecture by creating title tags and meta descriptions that are unique; and try to include rich snippets markup where relevant and have good internal links as well as intuitive navigation. You should also consider signing up for email forwarding in the webmaster tools. This will make it possible for the webmaster tools team to communicate with you if they notice something wrong with your site.

Most users normally share with their friends things they find funny or helpful so try provide helpful services, tell fun stories or include funny, vivid pictures that users will share with friends and provide them with quick, easy ways to do this by including natural links, follow and like buttons on your site. This creates a chain of shares that will attract buzz.

Wrapping Up

Most importantly, keep your site fresh and relevant by constantly updating content and having a strong social media presence and try to accommodate the users constantly on the move by providing a better mobile experience.

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