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Welcome to my site. I’ve put together this site to help document various case studies and guides that will help people earn a living online through digital marketing.
The main aim of this site is to get as many people as possible learning what works in the line of digital marketing and build their own brands online or offers services to others. I transitioned from a content writer and started doing SEO and building niche sites, so anyone can actually do it (learn what drove me to start doing internet marketing here).
I love challenges.
I have interned with some of the industry best namely Greg Nunan and Alex Maina, who I owe my IM journey. Worked with Mark Luckenbaugh, as a content writer and he still offers great advice in SEO. By the way folks, he’s one of the first guys to have provided a free SEO course that is still valuable to date.
It’s been years of experience and excitement from the time I began to now, and I’d love to help you travel the same path.
I am quite aware that it can be overwhelming and puzzling for someone starting up to learn and build a website that would earn them money. In this site, I’ll try to make it easy for them with my easy to follow guide that anyone can follow with ease.
Anyone interested can subscribe to learn through my free 7-day mini course and after that can follow my different case studies to learn how I do it. I’ll also be available to answer questions via email, and I’ll respond to all your queries when available. Cheers. Lets do this!

What You Get from My Mini-Course

This mini course will assist you in understanding the basic terms, what you need to get started, creating a profitable website among other things.
By taking this free 7-day IM 101 mini-course, you’ll learn:
• What Is Internet Marketing
• Ways That Websites Make Money
• What Is Affiliate Marketing?
• Different Affiliate Marketing Opportunities
• Getting Traffic For Your Website
• How Do You Get Started