Hello And Welcome!

My name is Martin Mwangi and I am a full-fledged freelancer (Until this year when I decided to take up a role that I thought was challenging enough). I do everything myself and this includes writing my blog and running a comprehensive SEO campaigns, which I must say, has proven to be incredibly effective. Although I do not like to brag, I have managed to accumulate a good sum of money, by building, running and managing niche websites for several years. Through successful keyword research and thanks to organic search traffic, my sites have managed to climb to the top of Google and now receive thousands of hits each and every day!

Frequently, I confer with my colleagues, who work in office buildings, factories and classrooms. These individuals often confide in me that they’d like to make a change.

They nolonger want to be blue-collar workers struggling on the 9 to 5 work schedule. So, I used to offer my advice concerning search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. And then, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

A need I found myself feeling dumbfounded that I have never seen it before. People out there would use my help! Isn’t it my responsibility to use my skills for the good of the everyday man? With my assistance, I knew wholeheartedly I would be able to help everyday individuals learn web design, Google AdWords (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization. Although creating a website is easier than it might initially seem, creating a successful website is complex and requires diligence.

It also requires skills that many people do not have. This is where I hope to help!

My Skills

Now, I must provide you with a rundown of my skills. By doing so, you’ll be able to figure out precisely what you can learn from me. As mentioned above, I have run several successful niche sites for several years and have tons of experience in all things Internet marketing and website monetization, including affiliate marketing, PPL and AdSense.

I am also certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. For many startup websites, these two programs will prove to be vital and I can help you figure out the basics, as well as advanced tips, for utilizing both successfully. Through this website, you will also learn an array of other pertinent skills, including engaging content creation, cutting edge SEO techniques and little known keyword research tricks.

The Goal

There is often a misconception that Internet marketers are only in it to get rich. That is truly a fallacy and couldn’t be further from the truth. Although some out there would like to make money and put it above all else, I am different and some of my counterparts are as well. This is why I’ve decided to launch this website. I sincerely believe in giving back and paying it forward.

With this website, I hope to be able to reach and help thousands of individuals. By learning and mastering that art of SEO and Internet marketing, I sincerely believe you can obtain betterment in all aspects of life, including personal and financial. Are you ready to learn something new and completely revolutionize your life? If so, bookmark this blog immediately and continue checking back regularly! Together, we’ll be able to make your dreams become a reality!